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Wrinkles are a major item on your agenda whether you’re in your 30s, 40s or just starting to show showing signs of aging. Of course, aging is inevitable, but with the current cosmetic products you can appear as young as you want. Getting adequate sleep, quitting smoking and wearing sunscreen are some of the best measures to delay the occurrence of wrinkles on our faces. You can rely on your homemade product to deal with wrinkles or purchase some of the best over-the-counter wrinkle creams.

The formation of wrinkles is due to a loss of collagen in the skin. This compound is lost mainly from sun damage, but aging also causes some collagen loss. As the skin wrinkles, it becomes thin and fragile too. Therefore to truly counter the wrinkles on your skin you need to re-thicken the skin by building up more collagen.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to add this compound to the skin from the outside. It has to be made by your body’s own cells inside the skin. There are only 3 types of skincare ingredients that have the power to initiate collagen regeneration. Here are those three components:

  1. Vitamin C

    There must be at least 10% concentration in the product, and it must be well sealed and opaque to prevent any entry of oxygen or light.

  2. Retinoids 

    These can be found in prescription tretinoin creams called Retin-A and Renova and professional retinol products such as Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.

  3. Glycolic acid

The glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid added to skincare products. It must have a free acid concentration in the product of over 10% to work for collagen building.

How to Maximize the Effects of the Best Over the Counter Anti-Wrinkle Creams

With the existence of numerous anti-wrinkle creams on the market, it is becoming confusing to find a good product which works perfectly on your skin. Institutional bodies given the mandate to regulate the production and advertisement of beauty products can only limit this big market by preventing adverts that claim a product is capable of redeveloping skin. Every manufacturer would want their product be the number one choice to every consumer and therefore you need to be careful you don’t fall prey to false information.

In order to assist consumers, dermatologists offer these tips:

  • Start by using a single product:  This is because you will increase the probability of skin irritation when multiple products are applied onto your skin. It is also a good method of analyzing a particular product’s results on their skin.
  • Test the product: It is also sensible that you test the product before applying it on your face and other parts. You can apply the cream on the inner part of your forearm for a number of days while observing its effect. If your skin appears normal, then you can proceed to other essential parts.
  • Avoid products that cause a burning or stinging sensation on the skin
  • Follow the guidelines strictly: Ensure that you have read and understood the product’s prescription before application. This is to prevent cases where you use too much and end up with blotchy skin or other inconveniences.
  • Give the product enough time to take effect: An anti-wrinkle cream can take at least 6 weeks to work. While others may take 3 months or more to show the intended results, always be patient and wait for the outcome.
  • Increase its usage if the results achieved are desirable: The common mistake people do is that they stop using the product once they have seen signs of skin change. Always persist with using the product for the effects to last longer.
  • Apply a skin moisturizer: Moisturizers are important because they hydrate the skin, making it appear plump and soft.
  • Avoid long exposure to the sun: Sun rays are among the main causes of skin wrinkles. They destroy the elasticity of your skin and increase its dryness.
  • Avoid tanning at all costs: Tanning has been known to expedite aging of the skin.

For an exact product endorsement or in case you do not see the results you want after following these tips, you may want to see a dermatologist. In order to get more out of the best over-the-counter wrinkle cream, you need to consult your doctor or seek other user reviews. The dermatologist can examine your skin and discuss the signs of skin aging that concern you. Bear in mind that creams, gels, or lotions cannot reduce all the signs of aging skin.

It is also important to know that the wrinkle cream that works for other people may not work for you too. The reason is that your skin conditions may be different, prompting another technique. There are sites which offer the best anti-aging product reviews so that new customers might gauge their opinion before making the bold step of purchasing.

DIY  Wrinkle Creams Versus Over-the-Counter Anti-Wrinkle Cream (Pros and Cons)

DIY are the initials for Do It Yourself, as you might already know. These are creams which are homemade and thus utilize natural ingredients obtained from plants. They have existed for ages, although with the current upsurge in professionally-made anti-wrinkle creams, their popularity has dwindled.

Advantages of Using DIY Anti-Wrinkle Creams:

  1. 100 % natural

Since most ingredients of a homemade anti-wrinkle cream are obtained from plant extracts, they have low chemical concentrations when compared to branded wrinkle creams.

  1. Cheap to make

The contents of your homemade cream can usually be purchased from the grocery store, and are normally offered at low prices. This of course depends on the amount of cream you want to make and the quantities required of each ingredient.

  1. Eco- Friendly

Naturally existing product and their extracts are definitely eco-friendly. They can be easily disposed of and are biodegradable. Here are some great recipes for DIY creams.

Disadvantages of DIY Anti-Wrinkle Creams:

  1. Takes time

People would opt to buy best over-the-counter wrinkle cream to save the time to make one. It requires time and enthusiasm to make a perfect DIY cream. In addition to that, they take more time than professionally made products to show effects. Therefore patience is key if you are into homemade products.

  1. Ingredients can be hard to find in stores

Some ingredients of particular homemade recipes can be hard to find in stores. In case that happen, it will be unlikely to achieve the said results of the recipe.

  1. They are delicate and can go bad

They are highly susceptible to go bad and their best before date is only an estimation. Ensure when applying the cream that it hasn’t gone stale. On the other hand, the professionally made anti-wrinkle cream has a specified period which you can monitor.

Over the Counter Anti-Wrinkle Cream Ingredients

  • AHA, (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids)

They are best for normal-to-dry or sun-damaged skin since they help bind moisture and improve healthy collagen production and smooth an uneven skin texture.

  • Glycolic acid

This acid is able to penetrate skin deeply and easily, thus making it the most effective for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, oiliness etc.

  • Collagen

Collagen gives the skin its strength and structure, and also plays a role in the replacement of dead skin cells.

  • Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid absorbs water and plumps up your skin. Moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid help your skin repair and regenerate it after suffering from dryness, environmental stresses, or irritation.

  • Retinol

This is a form of Vitamin A that speeds up cell turnover, boosts collagen, sweeps away the dead cells and stimulates cellular repair at the deepest level of the skin. The result is a smoother-looking complexion. Moreover, it also pumps up circulation by increasing blood-vessel formation and makes your skin look healthier.

This ingredient is a Vitamin A derivative. It is the first antioxidant to be widely used in nonprescription wrinkle creams. Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals — unstable oxygen molecules that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles.

  • Coenzyme Q10

This product has been used to remove fine wrinkles around the corners of the eyes and offers protection against sun rays.

  • Peptides

Peptides are an ingredient used in products for wound healing, stretch marks and removal of wrinkles.

  • Grape seed extract

The grape seed extract is not only an antioxidant but also has anti-inflammatory properties, and promotes wound healing.

  • Niacinamide

This is a potent antioxidant which is related to Vitamin B-3 (niacin). It assists to reduce water loss in the skin and may improve skin elasticity.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant that helps protect skin from sun damage. Wrinkle creams containing this ingredient must be stored in a way that protects them from air and sunlight before and between uses.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E works in several ways. It helps defend cell membranes from oxidative damage and preventing collagen from being damaged. Moreover, it works in powerful synergy with Vitamin C and it is normally enlisted as pheryl on product labels.

Find more about wrinkle cream ingredients by clicking here.

5 Best Over the Counter Wrinkle Creams

  1. Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Crème.
  2. Bioelements Sleepwear.
  3. DermaNova Age-Defying Cream
  4. Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum.
  5. Olay Regenerist Instant Fix Wrinkle Revolution Complex.

The above over-the-counter wrinkle creams are 5 of the top rated anti-aging products among women. Have you ever used one of them? If so, please share your opinion and let us know what product worked for you as the best anti-wrinkle cream.


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