The Best Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin: Tips and Tricks

Establishing the best routine for dry skin is crucial for your skin’s health, which is exactly why you should take the matter very seriously.

Caring for your dry skin may be just a cosmetic concern for you, because you want your skin to look beautiful and bright and never lose its natural glow, but the number one reason for having the best skincare routine for dry skin is definitely your health. After all, when your skin is healthy, it will look beautiful and radiant.

Before you start working on the best skincare routine for dry skin, you need to make sure that you actually have dry skin. Your skin type can change over time so, if you once had dry skin, it does not mean that you still do. Your environment and lifestyle can greatly influence your skin and change its characteristics, and so can hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

Your skin may be dry only during the winter months, because of low temperatures and strong and cold winds. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is determine your skin type, so that you can be sure that you provide your skin with the right type of care it needs. If it only has dry skin characteristics during winter, then you need to provide it with a skincare routine for dry skin only during those months, instead of throughout the year.

Can You Prevent Your Skin from Drying Out?

If your dry skin is caused by something that is completely out of your control, such as your genes and puberty, pregnancy, or menopause, then all you can do is treat your symptoms with the best skincare regimen for dry skin and try and minimize the dryness. The natural process of aging can also be the cause of dry skin, but you cannot really stop that process, can you? What you can do is try and slow it down with the right skincare products.

However, if something else is causing your skin to dry out, such as various environmental factors or your lifestyle, then you can definitely prevent it.

For instance, if you are a smoker, you are directly contributing to your skin becoming dry. If you are constantly exposed to hot sun rays without sun protection, you are also not doing your skin any good. Your diet and poor hydration can also significantly affect your skin and cause it to dry out, not to mention the careless usage of random skin care products without making sure that they are designed for your skin type. Stress is also one of the factors that can aggravate dry skin and, although reducing stress is easier said than done, it is definitely not something entirely out of your hands.

All of this is something that you can control, so make sure you take these things into account if you want to have healthy skin and minimize any kind of damage to it. Nevertheless, developing the best skin care routine for dry skin is the most important step that you need to take in order to treat your skin with the proper care it deserves.

Essential Skin Care Routine Steps for Dry Skin

There are certain steps of a skincare routine for dry skin that you need to take on a regular basis, so that you keep your skin healthy and prevent it from looking dull and being dry, tight, and flaky. As you are about to see, the following steps are to be done daily, with the exception of exfoliation, which you should not do more than once a week.

Morning Ritual

  1. Every morning after you wake up, wash your face with lukewarm water – water that is too hot will additionally dry your skin, while cold water will constrict your pores.
  2. After splashing your face, you need to cleanse your face. The best cleanser for dry skin is a gentle one that is water-soluble and does not contain any strong chemicals that could irritate your skin or dry it further. Your cleanser should also not contain alcohol and any kind of fragrances, nor any harsh soaps that could strip your skin of its natural oils. Also, make sure that the cleanser you use is non-lathering and sulfate-free. Massage the cleanser into your face while it is still wet and, after about a minute, rinse it off with warm water.
  3. You can use a toner after cleansing your face, but this step is completely optional. The main purpose of a toner is to make sure that your face is properly cleansed and to replenish the surface of your skin after cleansing. A toner can also help your moisturizer soak in properly.
  4. After cleansing your face and perhaps using a toner, it’s time for moisturizing. Using the best face moisturizer for dry skin is vital for properly hydrating it. Applying a moisturizer right after cleansing your face will help lock in all the necessary moisture your skin needs. You should apply a very thin layer of it and massage it into your face in circular motion. Before taking the next step of your skin care routine, make sure you let your moisturizer sit for about 10 minutes, so that your skin can absorb it nicely.
  5. The next step involves protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. You should always apply sunscreen before going outside during the day, even when it’s winter. A lot of moisturizers contain an SPF but, if yours doesn’t, make sure you apply sunscreen for dry skin right after moisturizing, as not only will it protect your skin from the sun, but it will also keep it hydrated during the day.
  6. If you wear foundation makeup, make sure you apply it after your moisturizer and sunscreen. Find the best foundation makeup for dry skin, preferably a mineral one, and apply a thin layer of it on your skin. You can also find the best concealer for dry skin if you feel like you need it, in which case you should apply it after the foundation makeup.

During the Day

During the day, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated by reapplying your moisturizer whenever necessary. The same rule applies for sunscreen – if you’re out in the sun for an extended period of time, or if you’re coming home from work, for instance, you need to keep your skin protected by reapplying your sunscreen.

It goes without saying that you should drink lots of water during the day, because that is the best way of naturally keeping your skin, as well as your entire body, hydrated.

Night-Time Routine

  1. The first step of the skincare routine for dry skin when it comes to night-time is to wash your face with lukewarm water. You don’t need to rub and scrub if you are wearing makeup, because you will remove it and cleanse your face nicely afterwards. Splashing your face with lukewarm water first makes makeup removal less harsh for your skin and, as you know, it is a necessary step prior to cleansing.
  2. If you are wearing makeup, use the best makeup remover for dry skin to clean your face.
  3. Now it’s time for cleansing, so use the same gentle cleanser as in the morning and repeat the step described above.
  4. After cleansing, repeat the toning step from your morning routine (again, this is optional).
  5. After cleansing and/or toning, you should again apply a moisturizer while your face is still wet, but you should use a thicker one at night, so that your skin can be properly nourished while you sleep. You should find the best face lotion for dry skin, because lotions are a bit heavier than moisturizers, which makes them perfect for night-time.
  6. You can apply a night cream after moisturizing your face, or you can choose a moisturizing night cream – it is completely up to you. A night cream of your choosing may contain ingredients with anti-aging properties, for instance, or it may be designed to additionally hydrate or soothe your skin. What’s important if you are using a night cream is to find a night cream that is suitable for dry skin.

Weekly Skincare Regimen for Dry Skin

Apart from following the previous tips daily, you should exfoliate your skin once a week in order to effectively clean your pores and remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. After exfoliating your skin, it will be radiant and much smoother, not to mention it will look a lot younger. You should use a gentle gommage or scrub for dry skin exfoliation and massage your skin very gently in circular motion. Afterwards, always use your cleanser and apply your moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

If you want to establish the best skin care routine for dry skin, follow all of the aforementioned tips regularly and make sure that your skin looks and feels really beautiful and, most importantly, that it is perfectly healthy.

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