Best Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

Problems caused by oily skin can be controlled and even treated with a proper skin-care routine.

If your skin is categorized as oily, I’m sure that your mirror reflects large pores, issues with acne, visible shine (and not in that good, sparkly way), and it doesn’t end there – your skin is probably problematic not only on your face, but your back and chest as well.

The good news is that you can fight off those oily skin characteristics and blend in with people with clear skin. However, for that to happen, it’s quite a necessity that you establish the best skin care routine for your oily skin and stick to it. Although this skin type requires a special kind of care, you should test different methods and see what your skin responds best to.

The fact is that most people with problematic skin don’t really know how to treat it – they either apply a routine that’s too general and that’s mostly about moisturizing or they apply the wrong treatment which can only make things worse. Therefore, the secret to clear skin is being properly informed, so scroll down and find out what oily skin actually requires.

Mind the Seasons

I’d like to start this best skin care routine for oily skin article with a very useful fact that’s applicable to all skin types, but that not many people are aware of. Apart from listening to dermatologists’ advice for treating oily skin, there’s another very important factor you need to take into consideration: seasons.

Whether you notice it or not, your skin responds to weather conditions and they play a significant role in your battle for perfectly clear skin. Therefore, if you’re constantly exposed to strong winds or damaging sun rays, you need to adapt your skin care routine to the climate you’re in.

Skin Types Can Change

The oily skin type is usually associated to teens or people who are in their twenties. Although you might grow out of the oily stage of your life once you enter your thirties, for some people, that never happens – the oily skin type is just as common as the dry one for people in their thirties. If nothing else, it may be comforting that you’re not the only one dealing with it.

However, age isn’t the only factor. If your body goes through a change where your hormonal balance is disturbed, like pregnancy for example, then your skin type can switch completely – you can fall into a category like dry or sensitive afterwards. My point is that you need to pay close attention to how your skin responds to the products you’re applying – the great skincare routine for oily skin you established years ago might not be the best one for you now.

Step 0: Find the Best Skincare Regimen for Oily Skin and Stick to It

When it comes to the ideal skincare routine steps for oily skin, they are no different from those suggested generally. You should start every morning and end every day with your skin care regimen for oily skin. Other than the obvious discipline necessary for going through with your regimen day after day, there’s another piece of information that will come in handy.

Oily skin produces this much oil because glands are over-productive. You’re actually dealing with excess sebum production, which makes skin saturated. Therefore, the thing to be cautious about when applying products is to be very careful not to overdo it.

Of course, there are exceptions to this – if your dermatologist suggested that you need to take your acne medicine or apply it more often, you should go with their advice. However, you need to steer clear from products that are alcohol-based. Although it seems logical that the drying features of alcohol can have a positive effect on oily skin, they can cause redness, rashes, and dryness, which only makes the whole thing even worse. So, apart from going with the best skincare regimen, you should also find and use the best products for oily skin.

Step 1: Cleansing Is a Necessity

Your skin can nurture itself while you sleep – it’s called beauty sleep for a reason. During night time, skin produces oil in order to clean out pores; and in case with people who have oily skin, a it produces a bit too much of it.

This goes for every skin type as well, but people with oily skin should take cleansing very seriously. For your skin to breathe during the day, you need to remove that excess oil and open up your pores. So finding the best cleanser for oily skin is a must.

Step 2: Exfoliate

The great thing about oily skin – and yes, there are some advantages – is that you can subject it to exfoliation without being worried that it will suffer negative consequences and be agitated during an entire week afterwards. The oily skin type has a way of healing itself quickly, which is something you should use to your advantage.

The point of exfoliation is to remove the dead skin layer and reveal the youthful one that’s just beneath it. You’re probably in a dilemma whether to use gommage or scrub for oily skin exfoliation – your choice here needs to fit with your already existing skin care routine without disturbing it.

Step 3: Moisturizing –  Does Oily Mean Hydrated?

This is a common mistake people with oily skin make, and the answer is no. However, you’ll be happy to know that having oily skin comes with yet another great benefit – that excess sebum actually has anti-aging benefits. As we all (should) know, the lines on your skin appear because of a lack of collagen, which decreases as we age. If we exclude acne from this picture, which sometimes comes as an unwelcome ‘bonus’, oily skin is always nicely fed with nutrients.

However, that doesn’t mean your skin will also get its daily dose of hydration, which is why you need to drink enough water and take advantage of these delicious hydrating foods. You should also look up the best face moisturizer for oily skin and apply it right after your cleanser. It’s a mandatory step in any routine, really.

Step 4: Makeup Routine – How to Achieve that Matte Look?

The answer to this question is probably the reason why you’re reading this article. Considering the fact that your face can look like a mirror on bad days, having matte skin is probably one of your life goals. Well, the secret to achieving it is in clay masks – not only are they nutritious for your skin, but clay will also remove excess oil and leave your skin with a youthful glow.

Naturally, your makeup collection needs to be created in accordance with your skin type, which is why finding the best foundation for oily skin should be on your priority list. The same goes for finding the appropriate concealer – not only will these products create that matte effect you want, but they will also be powerful allies in your battle to get rid of excess oil.

Step 5: Wrap it Up with a Night Time Routine

Of course, there are days when you can barely make it to bed and your ‘battery’ is down to one percent, but if you truly want to have clear skin, even that one percent needs to be put to better use. You need to do your best to keep those pores open so that they can breathe, which is why you’ll need the best makeup remover for oily skin. But if it’s sitting in your bathroom it won’t do much good, so make sure to use it every night.

The final step in your routine is applying the best night cream for oily skin you can possibly find. If you have a recipe and you can make it in the comfort of your home, that will work too. However, relying on that excess sebum to do the moisturizing for you will only result in more acne and more shine, so a nice thin layer of an appropriate cream is the final step.

What about Sunscreen?

When it comes to a good sunscreen for oily skin, you have quite a wide choice. Another good thing about this skin type is that it has high tolerance for strong products as long as they are non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). If you’d apply any of them to normal or sensitive skin, it would cause a disaster. However, you can go for the strong nutrients, so getting rid of discoloration in the form of dark or sun spots shouldn’t be a problem.

So, now you know the skincare routine elements that are necessary to turn that unattractive oily glow into a youthful shine that you will love looking at day after day in the mirror. I need to go back on one thing that’s crucial in this battle, and that’s discipline. You need to be very persistent if you want your skin to have that clear matte appearance, so profound knowledge about various products and consulting your dermatologist are two definite must-dos.

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