Natural Skin Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy your skin will undergo certain changes, so you’ll have to learn what products to avoid and what ingredients to introduce. What you’re facing are 9 months of beautiful, healthy, and utterly natural skincare.

What a blessed time you’ll have! Congratulations are in order, of course, so we’ve decided to wrap them up in the most fragrant package of all. We are obsessed with natural beauty regimes and healthy skincare, as we’re sure you are too, which is why our early baby shower gift to you will be a comprehensive guide on how to nurture your growing belly’s skin and the rest of your body with care. Impatient to start? Let’s unpack it then!

What Changes to Expect?

Without further ado, we introduce you to stretch marks, chloasma, and dryness. For many women, the ‘glowing’ pregnancy skin is nothing but a myth, so it’s much better to get familiar with these common changes early on. Don’t worry, though, everything bad can be prevented with timely care.

  • Stretch Marks

Stretching is very normal, as the skin has this amazing capacity to flex and return to its previous state. This does leave unpleasant marks, however, the ones you’ll want to eliminate as soon as they first appear. If you start using oils long before they do, chances are stretch marks won’t bother you at all.

  • Chloasma

But then, you’ll probably have to deal with chloasma too. During pregnancy, your body produces more melanin pigments than usual, making your skin notably darker. You’ll have to be careful when choosing the appropriate sunblock, since most SPF products are made with not so healthy compounds.

  • Dryness

Here’s something that’s wonderfully bitter-sweet – your little bundle of joy will need plenty of water to grow, which unfortunately means that your otherwise glowing appearance will become a little dryer and a bit duller. You’ll learn how to prevent this below, so don’t stress about it.

Why Go Natural?

Well, natural is better. Made from 100% organic ingredients, this type of cosmetics is recommended to all women, not just those who are expecting. Most skincare products we buy in drugstores are packed with synthetics and chemical compounds that can be toxic for us, let alone for a growing baby. In this delicate time, going all natural is simply the soundest choice for both you and your little one.

Besides being safer, natural products are made with ingredients that are in all ways superior to chemically produced ones. Plant-based products heal, nurture, and beautify without any risk of unwanted consequences, but they are also much, much more potent than all those sparkly creams and lavish ointments that we ladies typically use. Once you go natural, in fact, there’s no turning back. You might want to keep using all-natural skincare products after your pregnancy as well if you think they’re right for you.

What to Avoid?

Parabens and BPA, propylene glycol and butylene glycol, phenoxyethanol and perfume. You’ll recognize the harmful ingredients if you check the label for anything denoted with letters PEG and any word that ends in ETH. To stay on the safe side, avoid every ingredient with numbers and dashes.

  • Toxins in Disguise

The ingredients that end in ETH, include the letters PEG, or have numbers and dashes are ethoxylated compounds, which unfortunately means that they pose a threat not only to your skin, but to your entire organism and the environment as well. As scary as it is, ethylene oxide is one sneaky carcinogen.

  • Endocrine Disruptors

Nonylphenol, triclosan, BPA, phthalates and parabens are used by most manufacturers to add fragrance, deliver antibacterial effects, or make the product last longer than it actually should. They all interfere with the normal function of endocrine glands, so make sure to avoid them at any cost.

  • Skin Irritants

The most dangerous skin irritant is found in anything that foams, and it’s called sodium lauryl sulphate. If you have a sensitive skin or a history of psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis of any type, this ingredient can trigger outbreaks and worsen your condition. It can be ethoxylated too, which makes it really bad.

  • Petrochemicals and Synthetic Colours

This last group of harmful ingredients is not the same as the previous ones, considering that petrochemicals and synthetic colours don’t possess toxins or disruptors, but may or may not irritate your skin. They have been linked to certain allergy syndromes, so steer clear of them just in case.

The Best Natural Ingredients

The worst is already over, as we arrive to the most important part of our pregnancy skincare guide. This is where you’ll learn all about the ingredients and products for face, body, and belly that will make your skin soft and supple without harming either you or your little one. You’re safe now, so enjoy.

What expecting ladies need to understand is that pregnancy causes a whole range of hormonal and chemical changes. This is not exactly the time to experiment with skincare products and establish elaborate beauty routines – it is all about keeping it simple and choosing the best natural ingredients.

  • Coconut Oil

Not only will coconut oil prevent stretch marks, dryness and itchiness, but it will also provide a significant boost for both your and your baby’s immune system. Packed with fatty acids, this miraculous oil has antibacterial properties that a growing foetus needs for staying healthy and strong.

  • Cupuacu Butter

Stretch marks and dryness can be eliminated with cupuacu butter as well, since this amazing natural product is pretty generous with fatty acids, polyphenols, and phytosterols. It’s a great substitute for chemical sunblock too, thus pretty much solving all three common skin problems during pregnancy.

  • Broccoli Seed Oil

Broccoli seed oil is so incredibly potent that you can freely toss aside both your day moisturizer and your night cream. It’s packed with erucic acid, Vitamin B and Vitamin C, and besides protecting your skin from free radicals, it traps moisture during the day and deeply hydrates during the night.

  • Argan Oil

Thanks to linolenic acid, antioxidants and Vitamin E, argan oil boasts a similar moisturizing effect. While keeping your skin soft and supple, it also improves your immunity and keeps you safe from colorectal and breast cancer. Argan oil combats stubborn wrinkles and dark under eye circles too.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the uncrowned prince of essential nutrients and organic compounds, and not only because of its amazing effect on the skin. Especially during pregnancy, this vitamin and antioxidant slows down processes that damage cells, thus preventing much of the complications that occur in late pregnancy.

Organic Skincare for Face, Belly, and the Whole Body

Nature presents an inexhaustible source of nutrition for your entire body, and those listed above are not the only ones that pregnant ladies can benefit from. The areas of skin you should stay focused on during the next 9 months are your face, your belly, and your breasts. Here’s how.

  • Eliminating Acne

Facial skin struggles the most during pregnancy. Acne, excessive sebum production, rosacea, and unusual dryness are all normal side-effects of this beautiful change your body is currently going through. However unlikely it may sound, some ladies even experience them all at the same time.

If this happens to you, start eliminating acne first and use non-comedogenic products to prevent further breakouts. Coupled with dehydration from pregnancy, these products require additional moisturizing on your part. Don’t use coconut oil on your face though, as it can worsen the problem.

  • Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E are the best cure for skin damage of any kind, so make sure to apply them on your belly and breasts on a regular basis. They’ll remove stretch-marks from all affected areas, including the lower back. The greatest sources of these vitamins are cocoa seed butter and shea butter.

While cocoa seed butter does wonders for dry skin too, the shea butter also acts as a light UV protector with SPF 6. You can use them together or decide on only one of them, but the results will be more than satisfying in either case.

  • Nurturing the Whole Body

Feel free to exfoliate, but be gentle. Choose a rich, nourishing product that won’t rob your skin of its natural moisture, but will remove the sebum and dirt from the surface instead. That way, the skin on your shoulders, arms, thighs and legs will be able to breathe and produce healthy cells.

Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar tonic, turmeric milk and oatmeal honey mask feel very soothing on your skin, and will prevent any signs of chloasma. The so-called “pregnancy mask” appears as a consequence of hormonal imbalance, so make sure to get a lot of sleep and eat a lot of healthy food.

See, it’s as easy as that. Pregnant women cannot rely on instant cosmetic solutions, since they are mostly chemically produced and packed with synthetics. You’ll probably have to spend some time choosing or making the best natural products for your beauty regime yourself, but that’s what we call sweet troubles. Enjoy every second of it, because the next 9 months will sadly be over in an instant.

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