Skin Care Before the Wedding – Golden Tips for Glowing Skin

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, but almost everyone forgets about skincare during those pre-wedding months. We’ve prepared a few beauty tips to help you achieve an impeccable look on the big day.

Check in with your guests, create a photography schedule, prepare final payments. We all know that weddings are a lot of work, but what about pampering? Beauty suffers from excessive worrying and lack of sleep, which is why brides and grooms are allowed to take some time off and relax after the big day. And when it comes to a flawless tan and glowing skin, there’s really no such thing as starting too soon or relaxing too much.

Start Pampering Your Skin Six Months Earlier

The average engagement lasts 15 months, though official wedding preparations often take even longer. The timetable usually includes everything from budget and guest list to registry and venue. But, what about your skin care regimen before the wedding? How early should you start, and how do you create your checklist?

To help their readers answer this question, Brides magazine asked Kate Somerville of the eponymous skincare brand for help. Ideally, she said, soon-to-be brides should start preparing their skin up to three to six months before the special day. But, don’t worry if you’re already late – there’s a number of quick fixes you can try out, whether it comes to dullness, blemishes, or something else.

Choose the Best Moisturizer

Every good skin care routine starts with a proper moisturizer. While some choose face mists and others prefer ointments, the unofficial rules for picking the best day and night protection are pretty simple and clear. Have no doubt about what skin type your complexion belongs to, and you’ll already be halfway there.

For dry skin, try creams with wax, water, and more oil. If your face is oilier than it should be and the excess sebum tortures you with clogged pores and acne, go for gel moisturizers. Normal and combination skin asks for both water and oil, so choose gel creams or lotions to retain the balance.

Defeat Excessive Sebum Production

Whether your skin type is dry, normal, or combination, all that stress surrounding your wedding day may trigger excessive sebum production. Dermatologists advise brides-to-be to clean their skin twice a day, and use products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or beta-hydroxyl acid.

Don’t overdo it, though, because anti-acne cleansers and moisturizers can either dry up your skin, or make it even oilier. The same goes for masks, which should be used only occasionally. Blotting paper might be a better option, since it’s applied locally and therefore removes sebum only from oily areas.

Shrink Your Pores

Today’s skincare cosmetics do a neat job when it comes to acne, but people with oily skin still have enlarged pores to worry about. They are a consequence of excessive sebum formation and aggressive cleaners, and they are unfortunately a little bit harder to get rid of. Harder, but not entirely impossible.

The greatest fighters against enlarged pores are zinc and magnesium, but most products developed for this particular skin issue also contain exfoliators like salicylic acid and soothers like lavender. Retinol or prescription-strength retinoids are another great solution for both cleaning and diminishing.

Say Goodbye to Blemishes

Unlike stubborn pores, blackheads appear for almost all skin types. Never damage your skin by squeezing them out! For each blackhead removed, another two or three will show up, not to mention the outbreaks and redness that tackling can cause. It’s a true bride’s nightmare, but there’s a solution.

Cleansers and moisturizers marketed as anti-acne products are brilliant for all side-effects of oily skin, including large pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. Stick to salicylic acid and retinoids for this one as well, and use an enzymatic exfoliator twice a week. If nothing helps, try a micro-needling treatment.

Always Use Sun Protection

Don’t forget about sunblock. Contrary to popular belief, facial SPF moisturizers are not seasonal products, and should be used all year long. Depending on the type of your skin, choose hydrating sunscreens for dry skin, and fragrance-free gel formulas with no oxybenzone for oily complexion.

Recover Your Under-Eye Area

As much as under-eye puffiness and dark circles are a sign of hard work, you certainly wouldn’t want to see them on your wedding photos. These are quite stubborn too, and in many cases cannot be concealed with makeup. If you’re impatient to eliminate them in time for your big day, start right now.

The treatment for dark circles is all about retinol, since it stimulates the production of collagen and thus improves the texture and colour of the skin. Topical lighteners like licorice extract, kojic acid and Vitamin C are great for all dark spots, while rosemary and chamomile essential oils reduce puffiness.

Clean and Moisturize with Masks

A facial mask makes a wonderful addition to your weekly routine – it cleans, refreshes, detoxifies, hydrates, moisturizes, exfoliates, and brightens, all at the same time. How often you use it depends on your skin type, but most experts agree that once a week is ideal for all complexions and ages.

Go for mud or clay masks if your skin is oily, but be careful not to leave them on longer than 15 minutes. Cream masks are great for normal skin, while extra hydrating masks make the best pick for people with dry complexion. In case you’re prone to irritations or redness, use an oatmeal mask.

Book Professional Facials

Now, you can choose to save a few bucks and do all this at home. But, you can also use your wedding day as a perfect excuse for getting some extra pampering, and leave your skincare to professionals. Most ladies book facials every second or third month, but brides can and should do it more often.

Start your pre-wedding routine early, and schedule at least four or five professional facials. Not only will regular massages and exfoliating make your skin plump and healthy-looking, but seasoned dermatologists will also determine potential issues and start treating them in time for your nuptials.

Treat Your Body with a Massage

Speaking of professional massages, your facial skin is not the only one that needs nurturing. The rest of your body deserves it too, so book a couple of full body massages as well. Combined with essential oils, an expert touch will improve your blood circulation and soothe your pre-wedding jitters.

Pamper with Scrub and Wrap

There isn’t a better way to unwind and relax during this exciting time than a body scrub and wrap combo. The first will invigorate your skin and make it smooth and silky by removing all the flaky and dry layers from the surface. If you think this is amazing, wait until you’ve seen the second part.

Body wraps are often done over flickering candles and with a soft, relaxing music playing in the background. They smell like butter, rosemary, honey, or chocolate. Whatever the kind you choose, a body wrap will give your entire body a much-needed makeover, rejuvenating you from head to toe.

Balance Your Diet

You’ll certainly want your wedding gown to fit you like a glove, but a balanced diet is not only about losing weight. Superfoods like pomegranates, walnuts, sunflower seeds, kidney beans, soy, and oatmeal are necessary for a glowing complexion too, so make sure you’re eating only the best foods.

Stay hydrated. Your body will need plenty of water for both beauty and strength, so listen to experts when they recommend drinking at least 72 ounces per day. This is a good time to become a tea lover, since green tea provides all the antioxidants that you need for reducing acne and other blemishes.

Avoid New Products

If you’re counting down the last three weeks until your special day, stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Also, this is not the time to experiment with new skincare products. Even the best ones can cause breakouts or irritation before the skin eventually gets used to the new formula, so don’t risk it.

Get a Lot of Beauty Sleep

A problematic complexion type is not the only cause of skin issues. A bad diet is one of the leading reasons for acne too, but so are the general lifestyle and lack of sleep. Try to lay low while preparing your wedding day, or at least find a good outlet for all the stress and anxiety that will be piling up.

Finally, make sure to get quality sleep for at least a few weeks before. Enjoy the romantic side of the bedroom, but get rid of the phone and TV. Electronic devices only confuse your sleeping rhythm and make you more wired and anxious. Go to bed and wake up every day at the same time.

Needless to say, all of these beauty tips are intended for both blushing brides and gentleman grooms-to-be. It’s something that the two of you can enjoy together as a pre-wedding gift to yourselves – in fact, pampering facials, full-body massages, and beauty treatments are a great opportunity to spend some relaxing time alone, away from the curious relatives and the overall frenzy of wedding planning.

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